YouTube is a powerful music discovery channel, so it's important that you take a few extra minutes to update your channel and videos to ensure they're easily found and shared.  If you want to know more about monetisation and how Content ID works, read this handy article from AWAL.


Step 1: The Header

Make sure you have a header that is consistent with the rest of your channels and add in links to your streaming and social media profiles. 

Step 2: Titles 

To help differentiate your videos from user generated content, it's important that your videos are titled correctly. Music promo videos should have (Official Video) after the title, Lyric videos should have (Official Lyric Video) after the title, all Audio only videos should have (Audio) after the title and lastly all live content should contain (Live) and then the location or venue after the title. 

Step 3: The Thumbnail

Thumbnails act like adverts to help viewers decide whether they want to watch artists’ videos.  They're usually the first thing that viewers see, so try and make sure the best shot from the video is used as a thumbnail or the artist’s face is clearly visible so fan’s can immediately identify it. 

Step 4: Descriptions 

Descriptions should include buy/stream now link, social media links and links to your website. Try to use  smart URLs so you can track.  It's also important to use tags (use similar artists) and include all the lyrics as this improves videos searchability.