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English-American musician Grace Inspace announces the release of her debut single Tame Teens on 15th June through AWAL

Don’t get fooled by the icy good looks…Grace Inspace may glaze her songs with a frosty veneer, but the 21-year-old’s startlingly clear, often deadpan view of a world in decay is what she is honing in a series of recent compositions she calls “Protest Pop”.

A drummer at heart, Grace sings while drumming during live shows with her trio. Grace Inspace’s broad sound blends folk, country, hard rock and pop to create something that is musically unique. 

Many of Grace’s current songs began life as beats that she would play on her “humble” kit while singing melody lines composed “over long, unswerving double decker bus rides”. Debut single Tame Teens is no different - a basic drum beat with a melody sung over it that expanded in the studio to become an ode to shoe gaze rock, complete with The Verve’s legendary guitarist Nick McCabe mucking up the psychedelic waters. But it is Grace Inspace’s glassy vocal tone which arrests and this studio version showcases her character-driven lyrical maturity.

“Tame Teens is the story that the Netflix algorithms aren’t telling us,” says Grace. “Not everybody’s teen-dom is about reckless fun, first love, rampant obsessions or self-combative dramas. This is an ode to my own level headed, occasionally pot smoky teenage experience and an anthemic shout out to all you other folks who unremarkably elevator through their teens.”

Grace has been working on two forthcoming EPs, produced in part by John King of the Dust Brothers and featuring Steve Perkins of Jane’s Addiction as well as Nick McCabe of The Verve, and will be announcing further music soon. 

Look out for Grace and band Apocalyptic Kitchen live this September.